We have to offer more than just beautiful landscape. There is a lot of culture, history and architecture to be admired in Ostallgäu and its surroundings as well! We'll present a very quick overview in the following. As always: if you're our guest, don't hesitate to ask us for advice!

Castles and Churches

Already the famous King Ludwig II of Bavaria was amazed by the mountains of our region so that he built two of his three world-wide known castles right here: Neuschwanstein and Linderhof. And his father Maximilian II had his own castle right next to Neuschwanstein named Hohenschwangau.
Apart from that there are several ruins of medival castles like Freyberg, Eisenberg, Falkenstein and Ehrenberg.
If you are interested in churches the Wieskirche is a must see. Other interesting places are St.Coloman, Kloster Ettal and Oberammergau.


Musical Theater

Directly at lake Forggensee close to Füssen there's a modern musical theatre with views to castle Neuschwanstein. It was build to show a musical about the life of King Ludwig II of Bavaria the constructor of Neuschwanstein castle directly on the original site. Nowadays it is also used for concerts of famous pop bands, other musicals and marriages.


Local festivities and concerts

Especially in summer almost every village has it's own traditional party with typical dances, local band, local food, beverages and of course beer. They take place every two weeks or so. Apart from that there are also special beer tents mostly to celebrate local associations' anniversaries. And if you want it big: Oktoberfest is only a one and a half hour drive away in Munich.

Museums and History

There's a museum in Füssen and in Roßhaupten informing about their history. Apart from that there are several remains of the romans to be found in southern Ostallgäu, especially the famous road "Via Claudia Augusta".
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